Regional Initiatives

Chesapeake Conservation Partnership

The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership is a regional coalition of over 50 diverse organizations engaged in land conservation and related fields within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Since 2009, the Partnership has connected representatives from all six watershed states including federal and state agencies, local governments, Native American tribes, and non-profit organizations.

The Chesapeake Conservancy is a founding member and chair of the CCP.

Chesapeake Trail

The Chesapeake Conservancy supports work beyond what the National Park Service could accomplish on its own, including: improving public access, supporting land conservation, conducting cultural research and environmental analysis, and providing outreach that enrich visitors’ experiences and create a sustainable future for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Chesapeake Tributaries Initiative

As the lifeblood of the Chesapeake, much of our work in precision conservation⁠—using data and technology to identify the right place, the right practice, the right size, and the right time to maximize success while using less resources such as time and money⁠—is focused on the Susquehanna. Together with our partners, Chesapeake Conservancy is working to create a healthier environment upstream, for a healthier Chesapeake Bay downstream.

Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Programs

Chesapeake Conservancy’s headquarters are based in Annapolis, Maryland, located in Anne Arundel County. We are proud to be involved in several signature projects in Annapolis and here in our home county.

Save Greenbury Point

There’s a proposal before the Navy to UNconserve the Greenbury Point Conservation Area for purposes of a second golf course. Please sign this petition to #savegreenburypoint, write to members of Congress AND SHARE!

Seaford, DE: Oyster House Park

In Seaford, DE, Chesapeake Conservancy is a lead partner in the effort to create a new park at the site of the former J.B. Robinson Oyster House and a gateway to the Chesapeake Trail on the Nanticoke River. Through advocacy and thanks to private, family, foundation, and corporate donors, we are helping the City of Seaford create a crown jewel for the community with amenities like a kayak launch and River Walk.

Envision Series

The Envision Series is a ground-up program in which we explore, conserve and innovate in order to enrich the Chesapeake’s great rivers.  Each river in the Chesapeake owns a unique history, culture, and natural past and future– these are the very things that make the rivers special.  The Envision programs reach out to partners and the local communities to innovate conservation initiatives that are tailored to the community and will highlight the local lore within the watershed, bringing the past into the future.

Envision the Susquehanna

The Susquehanna River is the lifeblood of the Bay.  Sharing an ancient past, the Bay is actually an extension of the Susquehanna valley that the Atlantic Ocean has steadily flooded over the last 15,000 years.  The Susquehanna pours roughly 20 billion gallons of fresh water into the bay daily, contributing greatly to the Bay’s livelihood.

Envision the James

The James River runs 340 miles through the heart of Virginia, where its waters and shores were witness to the beginning of American history. In the next 100 years, the James River will experience many changes that will affect collective quality of life.

Envision the Choptank

The Choptank River, the longest river on the Delmarva Peninsula, was once an area of abundant wetlands and thriving fisheries. However, since water quality monitoring began in 1965, conditions have steadily declined.